1. - nothing stays the same. find comfort in the fact that God is the only constant in life, besides change. 

  2. had a shoot with myself. 

    deun x she. 

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  3. visiting the fam. what a joy (sometimes) lol. this trip is longer than expected.  catching up with old friends and laughing my face off at my crazy family members. summer’s been sweet. 

  5. - aye.

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  7. ghana swag. 

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  8. - a moment to dream. 

    photo by: Deun Ivory

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  9. - brown suga. 

    photo by Deun Ivory


  10. stylemoreblvd:

    we can share it like the last slice. #vscogang #vsco #vscocam #tumblr #vscophile #instagood #igtexas

    photo cred: Deun Ivory

  11. 2014. peace. 

    photo credit: Deun Ivory

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  12. - kate middleton. 

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    photo cred: Deun Ivory

  13. - video shoots and thangs. shine down on me. ft brikliam

    photo cred: Deun Ivory

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  14. - so intense. so dope. so brikliam

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    photo credit: Deun Ivory

  15. graduation is soon. act accordingly. 

    photo credit: Deun Ivory